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We would like to congratulate you for winning your title at Phenomenal Faces. We are so excited to have you as part of our royal family. We have put together a program as an incentive for our kings and queens to make appearances as well as other ways they can earn points towards being our next Queen of Queen or King of Kings.

Each year at our state pageant, we will crown one of our royalty as our Queen of Queens or King of Kings. If you would like to earn points towards this prestigious title, below is our point system - look over the list and start earning your points today.
 There are all types of ways that you can earn points - you can make an appearance at any of our prelims (WV, KY and OH). At the end of the year, we add up the points and the royalty that has accumulated the most points will be crowned our newest king of kings or queen of queens. You will need to make sure that you take photos of your contestant when they are making their appearances so we can verify their points.

Our royalty winner will receive a beautiful crown, custom embroidered banner, trophy and gift. We keep the winner a secret until crowning at our state pageant. No one will know who has won! We will bring all of our royalty up on stage and will walk slowly among them and finally place the crown on the royalty with the most points!!! What a great feeling when that crown is placed on your head for all those points!!!


10 Points For Riding in a Parade with your crown and sash
(need photo - put photo in your PF Scrapbook)

10 Points For Having Your Photograph in a newspaper with your crown/sash
(make me a copy put in PF Scrapbook)

20 Points to Crown at a Preliminary Pageant
(need Photo - put in your PF Scrapbook)

20 Points for Referring A Contestant That Has Never Competed at a PF event

50 Points for Judging At A Prelim Pageant (can not judge in your own hometown)

50 Points for providing us with a mailing list for new contestants/referrals

50 Points for Helping Get the Word out about a Prelim
  (set out brochures in local boutiques, prom/pageant stores, daycares, etc.)

50 Points for Having An Ad Put in Newspaper About a Prelim
  (cut ad out and send in - display in scrapbook)

100 Points for Making A Scrapbook of all of your Appearances and Have On Display At the State Pageant

 You will need to keep track of your points in a small notebook and our staff will need to verify all of your appearances, advertising, etc. Our upcoming pageants are always posted on the website under the events link

 If you would like to hand out some brochures for some of our prelims, let us know and we will get some brochures sent out to you. Make sure you write your name in at the bottom of the form, so we can make sure we give you credit for any referrals that you may have.

 Lastly, any of our beautiful queens or handsome kings that come to one of our prelims should be prepared to come on stage and be introduced - if your crown is too uncomfortable to wear, that is OK!!! Just wear your banner and bring your crown to show people. But you do not have to wear it the whole time. We know they are more for looks than for comfort!! Make sure that you dress comfortable in your Sunday's best. We prefer you not wear a pageant dress - just something you would wear to church

 Click here to contact us if you have any questions

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